Robert C. Hudson Memorial Office Building
The Robert C. Hudson building is one of two AvMed facilities on the Health Park campus in Gainesville, Florida.


Healthcare Facility

Robert C. Hudson Memorial Office Building

Gainesville, FL USA

Facility Size
60,000 ft2 facility, two stories

Original air cooled chiller becoming unreliable, negatively affecting building comfort

Daikin Pathfinder® 280-ton air cooled chiller, premium efficiency
with VFD

AvMed Healthcare Office Prescription: One Daikin Pathfinder® Chiller for 31% Annual Energy Savings and a $24,000 Utility Rebate


The original air cooled chiller installed in 1998 had become unreliable, negatively affecting the comfort of building occupants, including AvMed on-call nurses working in a 24/7 support center


W.W. Gay Mechanical, Inc. specified the Daikin 280-ton Pathfinder premium-efficiency chiller to reduce energy costs and improve employee comfort. "We've worked with AvMed previously on other buildings and knew this was the right solution for a replacement chiller," says Tom Easom, vice president of W.W. Gay Mechanical in Gainesville. "The significant energy savings offered by the Pathfinder and the rebate program by Gainesville Regional Utilities really sold the chiller."


The Pathfinder chiller was easily installed by W.W. Gay Mechanical over a weekend to avoid service disruption to AvMed employees. On a Saturday morning, the new chiller was lifted into place and attached to water piping and power. By Sunday morning electrical work was complete and the unit was started.

The new Pathfinder chiller reduced electrical usage costs 31% compared to the old chiller, earning a $24,478 rebate from the local utility. Building occupants now comment favorably to facility management about the more consistent comfort and quieter operation of the new chiller.

Energy Savings Summary

meterAnnual energy use before chiller replacement
1.250 kW/ton

Annual energy use after replacement
1.091 kW/ton

Annual Energy Savings

Utility Rebate Received


The 280-ton Pathfinder chiller with variable frequency drive provided improved efficiency and reliability.

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