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Facility Size
207,000 ft2

8 water cooled screw chillers operating since 1996 were failing, leaving visitors suffering from insufficient and unreliable cooling

Daikin Magnitude® magnetic bearing chiller, three 250-ton units

Magnetic bearing chiller technology becomes a working exhibit of innovation and energy savings at the Orlando Science Center


Eight water cooled screw chillers operating at the center since its 1996 opening were failing, leaving the center's visitors suffering from insufficient and unreliable cooling. At one point the center offered free bottled water to its visitors to make them more comfortable.


Three new 250-ton Daikin Magnitude magnetic bearing chillers replaced the aging chillers. These chillers can easily run on part-load capacity which extends the life of the chillers. The chillers were then integrated with a Siemens building automation system (BAS) using LonTalk® protocol.

Energy Savings Summary

meterDaily Electrical Use before System Upgrade
17,000 kWh

Daily Electrical Use after System Upgrade
10,000 kWh

10,000 kWh
Estimated 30%

LEED® and Energy Star® certifications applied for


With operational efficiencies achieved with the BAS, the Daikin chillers are estimated to reduce the center's electric bill by 50% compared to the old system. Water utility costs were also greatly reduced by capturing the condensing water from the system's fan coils which are pumped into two new zero-bleed cooling towers. Additional savings were achieved by a solar panel system on the roof which creates enough hot water to eliminate the need for two natural gas boilers.

Visitors to the Science Center can see the actual chillers in operation and view a cutaway of the magnetic bearing compressor in the exhibit area. Signage and monitors explain the chillers' energy saving technology.


Visitors to the Science Center can view the mechanical room and see the working Daikin chillers behind a glass enclosure, complete with signage and TV monitors with information about the chiller technology.

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