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designDaikin Applied is your source for design tools and expertise to help you optimize your HVAC system design. Put our systems to work so you can benefit from their efficiency, sustainability and engineered flexibility

Design Software

Designing and specifying the ideal HVAC system can be a time-and cost-intensive process. That's why we developed these user-friendly Windows® - based software programs; Daikin Tools®, EnergyAnalyzer® II, and Acoustic Analyzer®.

design toolsDaikin Tools® Suite for Engineers selection software allows you to take full advantage of the engineered flexibility of Daikin Applied products and quickly size and select equipment. Once you have made all of your selections, with just a couple of clicks, you can generate complete specifications as Word documents in CSI specification format. In addition, the software creates dimensional drawings in DWG or DXF format, as well as detailed equipment schedules.

You can export your selections to your Daikin Applied Representative via e-mail for review and budget pricing. Likewise, you can import the selections into your Daikin Tools program once the final selections are e-mailed back to you.|

design toolsEnergy Analyzer II®
A user friendly front end to EnergyPlus®, the premier energy simulation program developed by Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory for the U.S. Department of Energy. This new web-based energy analysis program provides an easy-to-use method of estimating energy consumption, operating costs and life cycle analysis between two HVAC systems so the best financial decision can be made.

Energy Analyzer II® software is available from your local Daikin Applied Representative.

Acoustic Analyzer®
Lets you estimate the sound of HVAC equipment in a space or at the property line using your design conditions. This software can help you determine if your equipment selection will meet specifications. View a demonstration of this software at under the Design Tools link.

Daikin software is available from your local Daikin Applied Representative.

design toolsUtility Applications

PipeSizer - An Electronic pipe calculator for sizing piping and calculating pressure drops.

Psychrometric Analyzer - Provides state point and system psychrometric analysis for air handling units including cooling and heating coil loads, humidifier loads and mixed air conditions.

DuctSizer - An Electronic duct calculator for sizing duct and calculating pressure drops.

Mobile Applications

design tools


Stock Availability App helps you find a variety of Daikin equipment that is available in-stock for immediate or quick ship including chillers, commercial rooftop units, condensing units and terminal systems.

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GreenWay® HVAC System Solutions
Each building element must be considered as part of the whole that makes up a sustainable building. The same is true for HVAC systems. Individual units must work together as a whole to achieve optimum operating efficiency and IAQ. This whole-system approach reduces operating cost and increases sustainability.

Daikin Applied GreenWayTM HVAC System Solutions is your source for HVAC systems expertise and tools required for sustainable buildings and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) certified projects. Our representatives are knowledgeable, experienced engineers ready to work with you to explore all HVAC system alternatives. Click the Literature tab above to learn more.

Refrigerant Resource Info provides the latest information on phase-out dates so you can make informed decisions about refrigerant options. Click the Literature tab above to learn more.

Geothermal Heat Pump Resource Info keeps you up-to-date on this exceptional energy-saving technology. Click the Literature tab above to learn more.